It is the responsibility of the Renting Group Leader(s) to insure these "Guidelines and Policies" are strictly observed by all persons in their group. The Group Leader(s) shall also review the "Guidelines and Policies" with all staff involved in the group’s event at CCW.

ADULT COUNSELING. It is required that adults in supervising positions be with the children and youth at all times. Adult counselors must be a minimum of 18 years old and knowledgeable of the CCW Policies and Guidelines. A counselor is an Overseer, as set forth in I Timothy 3:1, and is a huge responsibility. Counselors must be pure in their interactions with all campers and adult leaders. They will avoid any setting that would give even the appearance of evil. They will also seek purity of mind, avoiding any trap of sexual immorality. Eph. 5:3 “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people. “ I Timothy 3:1 “Here is a trustworthy saying: Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task.”

ALCOHOL. Alcohol of any kind, or persons under the influence of such, ARE NOT PERMITTED on the grounds.

ATV'S. All Terrain vehicles are not permitted on CCW grounds.

AUDIO/VISUAL AIDS. CCW maintains some audio/visual equipment. Equipment can be made available to the group director upon request. A sound system is available for rent. The group is responsible for all returning all equipment to its proper location before leaving.

BOATS. Use of the boats are allowed only while approved personal floatation devices are properly worn, and under direct supervision of a certified lifeguard. The group leadership shall provide this personnel. Parental supervision is also strongly recommended.

CABINS. Cabins at the CCW Resident Camp are divided into two areas, a boy's and a girl's area. The boys’ area has six cabins numbered 2 through 7. Cabins 2 through 5 have 8 beds each and cabins 6 & 7 have 12 beds each (56 total). The girl's area has eight cabins numbered 11 through 18. Cabins 11 through 17 have 8 beds each while cabin 18 has 12 (68 beds total). All cabins consist of bunk style beds. While fourteen cabins are available for use, only the number needed for your size group will be opened. Each cabin needs to be assigned as male and female and have adult counselors in it. Each cabin is adopted by a church or church group within W. TN.

CAMPER HEALTH: If a child/camper runs a fever / vomits the CCW Board recommends to the camp leadership that the child/camper be sent home. This is for the welfare of the child and for the health of the rest of the campers.

CAMPFIRES. A complementary campfire is available, but needs to be arranged prior to your visit. Bonfires (huge campfire) are also available for a small fee. Campfires will be in designated areas only, and are approved by Madison Co., Fire Department.

CCW STAFF. In the event of a problem with CCW Staff, or another group using the CCW facility, please contact the CCW Administrator for assistance. Avoid direct confrontation.

CHECK-IN/OUT. The following are general guidelines to be used in the process of checking your group in or out. Retreats, camps, and conferences: the check-in time is set in coordination with the camp calendar.

  • Check-in. The CCW Administrator, or his designee, will be on hand at the prearranged time. A representative of the renting agency will then be asked to sign a rental agreement, if not done previously. This representative, or cabin counselors, will then inspect their cabins with sheets provided on clipboards in the cabins, and turn them into the Group Leader at that time. Failure to do this will identify no preexisting problems with the cabin facility.

  • Check-out. The CCW Administrator, or his designee, will make an inspection of the camp facilities and grounds, in part, using the signed check-in sheets. Any damages, graffiti, litter, etc., other than normal wear, will be added to the final bill. The final payment is due at time of check-out.

  • A rental day is considered the 24 hour period from 2:00 PM. to the following day at 2:00 PM

    CHRISTIAN VALUES. Language, attire, and behavior shall reflect Christian values at all times. Girls and boys shall AT NO TIME enter the rooms assigned to the opposite sex, or unoccupied buildings. Abusive, foul, or vulgar language and any type of violent/aggressive/lewd behaviors are strictly prohibited on the grounds of CCW. Any person exhibiting such behavior/language shall be required to leave the grounds of CCW immediately.

    CLEAN UP. In order to maintain the lowest cost for your group each group shall:

  1. Empty trash from the cabins and program areas into trash cans in Showerhouses, Pavilion or Activity Building.

  2. Sweep and/or mop the floors in the Cabins, Dining Hall, Activity Building, Program Areas, etc.

  3. Close windows and doors in all buildings used, and turn off all lights, air conditioners and fans.

  4. Patrol grounds to pick up all litter and trash.

A CCW staff person will be able to provide you with assistance and direction. The Group Leader will check with CCW staff before leaving. Each group must allow scheduled time in order to perform these tasks before departure. Should your group desire not to perform the required clean-up, arrangements can be made to pay an additional clean-up fee.

DAMAGES. The renting agency will be held responsible for any damage to the facilities (outside normal wear) per contract. All damages will be reflected on the final bill as follows: damaged screen -$15.00, damaged screen & frame -$30.00, broken cabin window -$25.00, writing/carving on bunks -$25.00 each bunk each occurrence, writing, carving, marking on walls -$25 each wall each occurrence, soiling stool/shower -$50, other damages will be charged as per the repair necessary.

EMERGENCY CARE. CCW is located (by automobile) 20 minutes from several area hospitals and medical facilities. The CCW Administrator should be notified, if possible, before leaving the grounds for medical care. CCW uses the Jackson Madison County General Hospital. For very minor injuries complete first aid kits are readily available and a medical log which is required to be completed is in the Dining Hall. A lockable refrigerator is also available for prescription medications. EACH GROUP IS RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE ITS OWN MEDICAL STAFF WHILE AT CCW.

EMERGENCY PLAN. A copy of the Camp’s Emergency Plan is available to each Group Leader(s) upon receipt of the group’s deposit. A copy is also located with each first aid kit.

FIRES. Fires are prohibited without permission of the CCW Administrator, and then only in designated areas. See CAMPFIRES.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER. These are located in the Activity Building, Kitchen, Cottage, Shower houses, Shop, SH Lodge and Administrator’s vehicle.

FIREWORKS & FIREARMS. Fireworks, firearms, ammunition, and facsimiles of firearms are prohibited on the property, except for law enforcement personnel and persons who hold a valid concealed carry permit from the State of Tennessee. Permit holders shall make the CCW Administrator aware of the presence of their firearm immediately upon arrival, they shall provide the CCW Administrator a photocopy of their concealed carry permit, and they must secure the concealed firearm either on their person, or within a locked vehicle, at all times.

FOOD SERVICE. CCW offers a wide variety of meals, snacks, beverages, and other foods in a variety of settings. Use of the Dining Hall kitchen (with a few appliance exceptions) is available for groups to rent. CCW is not liable for any illness or injury related to food/beverage preparation and/or consumption on the grounds not prepared by CCW staff.

1) Dining Hall. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all prepared by CCW Kitchen Staff and served at the following times

  • Breakfast 8:00 a.m.

  • Lunch 12:00 p.m.

  • Dinner 5:00 p.m.

    Meals are served cafeteria style. Your expected group size needs to be provided at least one week prior to your arrival.

    2) Cookouts. Cookouts may be arranged at no additional cost. The CCW Staff will provide everything needed for this, but you will be responsible transporting for these items and cleaning up afterwards.

    3) Picnics. Picnics can be arranged at no extra charge. The CCW Staff will provide a boxed meal with everything needed for a picnic. You will be responsible for transporting these items and cleaning up afterwards.

4) Canteen. CCW will operate its concession stand around your request or schedule
5) Banquets. Special banquets and luncheons can be arranged, but will be priced separately.

FRONT GATE. The front gate will be closed at all times except during check-in and out. If the gate must be left open the Director will be notified

GROUP LEADER (GL). The GL or person in charge of the group in Camp must be at least 21 years old and must stay on site the entire time of the group’s stay. In the event that the GL needs to leave CCW, they must delegate leadership authority to another responsible person who is at least 21 years of age. The staff and the Camp Administrator must to be alerted to this and given contact info of the new person in charge. The GL is responsible for knowing and implementing the CCW policies and guidelines..

HEALTH FORMS. Individual health forms and registration applications are required for each group and become property of CCW upon departure. Master copies can be available upon request.

INSURANCE. CCW carries secondary care insurance coverage for all its guests at no additional charge. In the event of an injury please inform the CCW Administrator as soon as possible so the necessary forms may be filled out. This insurance is accident only, and covers those expenses not covered by the renting groups or the families’ own insurance. It does not cover illness (unless camp related). For insurance purposes all participants are asked to fill out registration and health forms which will become property of CCW. The group’s Certificate of Insurance is to be electronically submitted with the CCW Rental Contract.

LAKE. Along with the natural beauty the lake adds to the camp it also provides enjoyable activities. The lake is stocked and fishing is permitted. If boating is done Pfd's or life jackets are required. The rental group should provide pfd’s and certified lifeguard(s) along with parental supervision. All activities around the lake shall be done only under personal supervision of the group leadership. Swimming in the Lake is not permitted. Anyone jumping off the bridge into the water will be required to leave the campgrounds.

LIFEGUARD. There will be no swimming except when a certified Lifeguard is on duty at the pool. Each group is required to have at least 1 adult per 15 swimmers at the pool each time it is open.

MEDICALLY TRAINED STAFF. Each group using the facility will be responsible for its owned medically trained staff. The medical log, first aid kit, and lockable refrigerator is available in the first aid room of the dining hall. The CCW Administrator and CCW Staff are not qualified to be the medical personnel for any group.

MEDICATIONS. Legally prescribed medications are to be in their original container with a legible label thereon and are to be only in the possession of the person for whom they are prescribed or, in the case of a minor, in the possession of a supervising adult.

MULTIPLE USE. The Board of Directors reserves the right to rent the facility to two or more groups at one time to maximize the potential of the facility. This will necessitate cooperation in the use of certain facilities.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES. At CCW there are plenty of activities for everyone. Not only are the facilities available but the camp has the equipment necessary to partake in the following activities: Swimming Pool, Sand Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Horseshoes, and Hiking. All

sports equipment will be made available to the group director upon request. The group is responsible to return all equipment, in good condition, prior to departure. Sports or physical games are not permitted inside the Lodge facility.

OVERLAPPING POINTS. The overlapping points between the Resident Camp, Lodge, and the Day Camps are the bridge, the pool, ballcourt & paddleboat area, the ballfields, trails, the sand volleyball court, and the prayer chapel.

PROPERTY & EQUIPMENT. The group using the facility agrees to reimburse CCW for damages to property and equipment other than normal wear.

RESERVATION/DEPOSIT. The following procedure is used to book a group at CCW.

  1. A simple phone call can reserve a date for up to seven days as a "tentative reservation." A tentative reservation means the dates requested are held for your group, pending your deposit. A full deposit and signed Rental Contract is due in order to confirm your dates.

  2. A $500 deposit is required for summer dates. A deposit of 25% of the minimum fee is required for other dates. Long range reservations are dependent upon usage by the West Tennessee Presbytery.

  3. In the event of a cancellation, every effort will be made to re-rent that time. If your reservation can be re-rented your deposit will be refunded. Deposits are non-refundable if canceled dates cannot be re-rented.

  4. The following guidelines must be adhered to in making reservations for use of CCW:

    1. The group will be responsible to pay for the minimum required guests.

    2. That the group will adhere to and enforce the "Guidelines and Policies" for CCW.

    3. It is the group’s responsibility to notify the CCW Staff of their expected number

      of guests at least 14 days prior to arrival.

    4. Payment of the balance due (and damages, if any) will be due upon departure.

    5. A rental day is the 24 hour period from 2:00 PM to 2:00 PM of the following day.

    6. The Group Leader must have all paperwork (including deposit, Rental Contract,

      certificate of insurance, and cabin check-in/check-out sheets) in good order with the CCW Administrator.

RESIDENT CAMP. The Resident Camp's priority is for overnight guests.

RESTROOMS/BATHHOUSES. Restrooms are located in the pavilion and at the swimming pool showerhouse. Bathhouses are centrally located in each the boy's and girl's cabin area. These are modern facilities each with hot water. Sanitation and supply of the bathhouses and restrooms are the responsibility of the CCW Staff. Every effort will be made to maintain the facilities at an optimum level of cleanliness.

RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The CCW Board of Directors, or their designee, reserves the right to deny use of camp facilities to groups or individuals whose behavior or organizational goals could be harmful to the image, reputation, or ministry of Camp Clark Williamson. This includes groups whose stated purpose may be in conflict with the beliefs of the Cumberland

Presbyterian Church. The Staff and Board of Directors of CCW assumes no responsibility for personal injury, theft, or damage or loss of personal property. These "Guidelines and Policies" have been approved by the CCW Board of Directors.

RULES FOR ACCEPTANCE. Rules for acceptance and participation in the camping program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or handicap.

SMOKING/TOBACCO USE. No tobacco, or tobacco use, is permitted on the grounds of CCW. Vape, electronic cigarettes or other forms of non-tobacco products, are not permitted on the grounds of CCW.

STAFF. In the event of a problem with CCW Staff or another group using the CCW facility contact the CCW Administrator. Confrontational interactions are not permitted.

SWIMMING POOL. The swimming pool will be available to groups from June 1 through August 12, although additional charges may apply. The pool will only be open under the supervision of a certified Lifeguard with credentials on file at the camp office. The Lifeguard is responsible for the general safety and well being of everyone inside the pool area, therefore their decision is final. The Lifeguard will be responsible for opening and closing the pool around each group's schedule. The Lifeguard is responsible only to the CCW Administrator. Each group is required to have at least 1 adult per 15 swimmers at the pool each time it is open. No vehicles are allowed at the pool except in emergency cases.

VEHICLES. The speed limit throughout the camp is 10 miles per hour. Upon arrival guests are encouraged to park their vehicle and leave them until time of check-out. All parking should be confined to the parking area by pavilion and dining hall area except for loading and unloading. Vehicles parked within the camping area, off the gravel or at the Lodge will be asked to move. Youth shall not be permitted in automobiles during the group's stay.

VISITORS. All visitors should register with CCCW Administrator or with the Camp Director at the Resident Camp. A properly registered visitor should receive a car permit to be prominently displayed in car while on grounds. Visitors will be required to park vehicle at the Dining Hall and not driven around camp.

WORSHIP FACILITIES. The natural setting of CCW lends itself well to several areas for worship. CCW maintains a beautiful outdoor vespers area located on a secluded hillside in the woods behind the pavilion. We maintain Communion trays and/or goblets for your use. Please notify the CCW Administrator if you have need for these items.